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UV Protection Aluminum Mirror Coating


The bare aluminum metal mirror coatings oxidize rapidly when exposed to the atmosphere for extended periods of time. In addition, such optics with fragile bare aluminum coatings are prone to scratches. Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of standard metal mirror coating service options for optical applications in the wavelength range from 120nm to 10µm.

The standard protective aluminum mirror coating is our best selling mirror coating, which is typically used in near-infrared and visible applications. We deposit a thin coating of silicon monoxide (SiO) on top of the aluminum mirror coating to protect the bare aluminum, which provides excellent abrasion resistance and durability while maintaining the original performance.

Applications and Benefits of UV Protection Aluminum Mirror Coating

Our UV protection aluminum mirror coating is a metallic aluminum thin film coating covered by a thin SiO layer. It is highly reflective of optical UV wavelengths and has good optical characteristics. The Alfa Chemistry standard protective aluminum mirror surface coating has greater robustness and friction resistance than fragile bare aluminum. It is important to note that Alfa Chemistry standard protective aluminum mirror surface coating should not be used in harsh environments or applications subject to mechanical wear, despite its ruggedness.

Applications and Benefits of UV Protection Aluminum Mirror Coating

In the UV to IR wavelength range of approximately 250 nm~10 m, the mirror coating possesses a high broadband optical reflectivity. At low laser power, it can also be utilized as a multi-wavelength laser reflector optic at the same time. In some cases, it can also be used as a substitute for gold or silver mirrors.

Typical applications for this standard coating include, but are not limited to

  • UV-VIS-IR mirrors
  • UV sensor technology
  • Broadband laser optics
  • Mirrors for medical applications
  • Mirror optics for UV curing systems

Alfa Chemistry Standard Optical Coating

Alfa Chemistry offers multiple standard protective metallic coatings to satisfy your specific needs. You can choose our standard protective aluminum mirror coating if you simply require an aluminum mirror coating for visible wavelengths. We can adjust the reflectance of the coating at a specific wavelength or in an unique optical reflectance range by adding a thin dielectric layer. Please get in touch with us if you'd like a quote based on your specific needs.

Table 1. Specifications of Standard Protected Aluminum Metallic Mirror Coating

Wavelength Range400-700nm; 400-2000nm
Reflection SpecificationsRavg >85%; Ravg >90%
Typical Energy Density Limit0.3 J/cm2 @ 532nm & 1064nm, 10ns
Coating ConstructionMetal mirror coating; Aluminium, protected by SiO coating
Substrate MaterialFloat glass; Other substrates available on request
Standard Glass Thicknesses1.00 mm ± 0.10; 2.00 mm ± 0.20
FlatnessDepends on substrate material and thickness; Others on request
StandardsAbrasion MIL-C-675 C tape test
Abrasion resistance according to MIL-M-13508 C

UV Protection Aluminum Mirror Coating


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