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Surface Modification Coatings for Watches and Clocks


In the watch and horological applications, effective surface modification of your substrates will considerably improve their performance. Alfa Chemistry has a number of surface modification methods that may be used to create custom coatings for watches and horological substrates. These coatings can make a substrate's surface hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and/or oleophobic, as well as easier to clean and stain-resistant, and have better adherence.

Our coating surface functionalization technologies alter the surface of sensitive substrates to improve the performance of a watch or horological component using easy, durable, and optically clear treatments such as hydrophilic, repellent, adhesion-promoting, and anti-fingerprint technologies. Please get in touch with us so we can collaborate on a fantastic watch or timepiece.

Why Do You Need A Watch and Clock Coating?

Our surface modification coatings can be utilized to tackle a wide range of issues in watch and timekeeping applications. Here are some situations where you can consider choosing our surface modification coatings to improve product quality.

  • The adhesive characteristics of your product's surface must be improved.
  • You don't want your product's delicate sections to fail prematurely due to fouling materials.
  • You want to avoid fingerprints having a detrimental impact on your product's display performance.
  • You want to prevent your electronics from malfunctioning when exposed to water or moisture.
  • You want to avoid fogging and moisture build-up that negatively impacts product performance.

Surface Modification Coatings for Watches and Clocks

Suitable Surface Modification Coating Solution

On the surface of your device substrates, we employ horological surface modification technology to create homogeneous, durable, optically clear hydrophobic, oleophobic, or hydrophilic nanocoatings. The coating is only 2-4nm thick. The repelling coating's oil contact angle was 75°-85°, the water contact angle was 115°-120°, and the water contact angle of the hydrophilic coating was less than 10°, according to surface energy measurements. Antifouling surfaces and haze-free optical surfaces are two common applications.

We can also use adhesion-promoting technologies to directly functionalize oxide-containing surfaces to improve adhesion performance and greatly reduce delamination and adhesion failure. Metals, semiconductors, glass, and synthetic sapphire are all common oxide-containing surfaces in watch applications. We can also supply more scalable waterproof coating technology to safeguard electronic watch circuit boards from water immersion, which will increase device performance.

Surface Modification Coatings for Watches and Clocks

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

  • We have been developing and successfully implementing various surface chemistry techniques to modify various surfaces for watch and timekeeping applications.
  • Our watch coatings are light, eco-friendly, and safe.
  • We'll create a coating solution that's tailored to your watch's specific requirements.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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