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Surface Coating for Custom Applications


Only when the correct coating is applied correctly can it realize its full potential. This is why we've created a variety of application methods and surface modification technologies to address any surface issues you may have. Surface nanocoating technology from Alfa Chemistry can be used in a range of professional applications. On a wide range of surfaces and interfaces, we can achieve exceptional performance, process simplification, and superior value. We can help you enhance performance, reduce operating expenses, and reduce risk regardless of the performance, operating environment, or needed standards.

Solve Specialized Surface Coating Problems for You

Are you looking for a unique surface treatment solution to help your material perform better? You've come to the right place! Alfa Chemistry has the experience and a vast number of unique technologies based on years of research to create bespoke surface treatments to your specific demands.

Surface Coating for Custom Applications

We select molecules from a library of fine chemicals made up of bisphosphonates, thiols, and silanes, then graft them to your surface as self-assembled monolayers to give them the qualities you want. Evaluation of your demands and specifications; design research; surface modification treatment; high-standard physical assessment of materials before and after surface modification are all part of our tailored surface treatment services.

Surface modification operations can be performed on materials of varied roughnesses, geometric forms, and types (metals, alloys, ceramics, glass, polymers).

In addition, we have a multitude of professional knowledge assets, such as fine chemical synthesis, surface characterization, surface texture, self-assembled single-layer grafting, prototype and pre-series sample coating, and so on.

How We Solve Your Electronic Surface Problem

Alfa Chemistry can help you create custom coatings to improve adhesion, water resistance, oil resistance, fingerprint resistance, and other properties for your unique surfaces. Coatings for optical equipment, powder coatings for particular catalysts, and stainless steel part coatings are among our specialties. We provide a variety of coating options, including but not limited to:

  • Surface modification coatings for watches and clocks: Alfa Chemistry's nano-coating can improve the surface behavior of essential components and boost the bond strength of attached pieces.
  • Wheel weight bond coating: Alfa Chemistry can functionalize metal wheels using surface modification techniques to prevent delamination and failure of bonded wheel counterweights.
  • Hydrophobic metal coating: Alfa Chemistry can change the metal surface to functionalize it and improve its liquid repellency.
  • Film screen coating: The surface modification method developed by Alfa Chemistry can make cinema screens repel pollutants and reduce the need for cleaning.
  • Guitar String Nanocoating: Alfa Chemistry's surface modification technology can increase the repellency of oil and impurities on guitar strings, which can degrade acoustic performance.
  • Blade and razor coating: Cutting blades can be treated with Alfa Chemistry's surface modification technique to improve corrosion resistance, lubricity, and blade life.

Surface Coating for Custom Applications

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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