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Surface and Coating Contract Research


In addition to analysis services for customized services, we also include contract research into our surface services. We assist you in the development of new products and processes by providing contract research on surfaces and coatings. Alfa Chemistry invests our ability and long-term expertise in analyzing, understanding and adjusting the chemical interactions of surfaces and functional coatings to provide added value to our customers' products and applications.

The Four-Step Process of Contract Research

The new coating system's industrial development follows a four-step process. We research and create innovative coating systems that completely fit the specifications and needs of our customers using a four-step approach. Individual project goals and modules were created based on the first circumstance analysis. Following that is our factory's actual R&D effort and prototype design. We will assist customers with the industrialisation and execution of the coating process if the prototype test is successful.

SEM, FESEM, and TEM images of the same polymer nanocomposite.

Step 1 Situation Analysis: Initial situation assessment

  • Dialogue with customers and partners
  • literature Research
  • Consider benefits, advantages and disadvantages for customers

Step 2 Project Definition: Development based on the concept of modular project steps and goals

  • Continuous review
  • If necessary, adjust the project steps according to the customer

Step 3 R&D Service: Realize coating and prototype generation

  • Experienced experts and well-trained personnel
  • State-of-the-art analytical and preparation laboratories and infrastructure
  • Continuous control and recording of all development steps

Step 4 Implementation: Continue to support the entire industrialization process

  • Active support throughout the industrialization process
  • In addition to our own resources, we have also hired competent partners

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In addition to this extensive surface and coating contract research service, we also provide you with the possibility of technical matching. We first accurately adjust the coating according to the customer's needs, and evaluate the applicability of the existing thin-film coating technology through a short process. Then We prepare high-quality test samples and characterize their surface through our surface analysis service. Customers can then test these substrates and required functions in an appropriate experimental setup.

Surface and Coating Contract Research

Contact us and benefit from our contract research on surfaces and coatings! We support you with our experience, technology and expertise in developing and designing new coating solutions!

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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