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Substrate Surface Laboratory Optimization Services


Alfa Chemistry's scientists have been trained to examine the surface composition of the substrate, identify the proper cleaning techniques, and pick or screen coatings from our many technologies based on our years of laboratory experience. We can focus on application processes that can be replicated in your facility and tested against performance standards in many circumstances.

Alfa Chemistry's "Accuracy Strategy"

Alfa Chemistry's "Accuracy Strategy" improves your chances of meeting your coating goals by applying analytical methodologies to surface chemistry. Our laboratory services can greatly improve your chances of early success by defining the surface, ensuring that the surface is adequately cleansed for treatment, and checking whether the coating is correctly bonded.

Our surface scientists are educated to examine the substrate's surface composition, select the best cleaning chemicals to eliminate pollutants, and apply solution-phase nano-coatings. Our goal is to create application methods and equipment that you can use in your facilities. We have a library of hydrophobic, hydrophilic, and other functional coatings and primers to screen your application, as well as a variety of chemical cleansers and procedures for preparing substrates for surface chemistry. Unique materials can be synthesized, and custom formulations can be created if necessary. The customer's specifications can then be tested on the surface coating.

Substrate Surface Laboratory Optimization Services

Our laboratory services usually include:

  • Ensure that the surface is properly cleaned for treatment
  • Application of candidate coatings
  • Characterize surface coatings to ensure correct bonding
  • Evaluate the performance of the coating
  • Report the work performed according to the coating instructions and include a summary of the results.
  • Ship treated parts and begin to Sample Coating Solution(s)

Why Choose Our Laboratory Service?

We are experts

We have many years of surface treatment knowledge, which is one of the keys to good surface treatment. You must know how to properly prepare the surface. We have found countless times that most people just treat the surface without preparing the surface. Our experience in surface preparation greatly increases the likelihood of success.

We are capable

We have a variety of techniques to characterize the surface, such as IR, contact angle.

We will give you a guide

You will receive a laboratory report outlining which tests we have performed on your samples, which results have been received on your samples, and which are valid for your samples.

We provide valuable services

We focus on modifying customer samples and only accept a limited number of laboratory cases. You must first be eligible for laboratory service approval, which includes our belief that we can modify your parts and you explain the business case so that we can ensure that a win-win business arrangement is possible at the end of this period.

We will save you time

The most laboratory service is to use our surface modification expertise and investment to solve a problem, and you may not be able to solve this problem in a few weeks, otherwise, you may need to spend several months to test.

Substrate Surface Laboratory Optimization Services

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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