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Standard Optical Film Coating


Alfa Chemistry understands the importance of high-performance and stable optical film coatings in a variety of optical applications. We have the skills and experience required for the most demanding situations, from broadband antireflective coatings to dielectric cold mirrors to optics for a range of applications.

Alfa Chemistry offers a variety of conventional optical film coatings to support all areas of your application, as shown below. Even for custom-sized items, we undertake vacuum vapor and ion beam deposition on the specified films on a regular basis to assure optimal availability. For additional information about standard film coatings, please contact us.

Reflective Film Coating

Visible Light Enhanced Aluminum Reflective Coating

An aluminum metal thin film coating and a dielectric coating with high reflectivity in the visible region make up the coating. Its optical quality and mechanical stability are outstanding, and it may be utilized to deflect lasers with low to medium laser powers.

NIR Enhanced Aluminum Reverse Coating

The basic design of this coating is similar to that of the visible light-enhancing aluminum reflective coating. For applications that require near-infrared wavelength reflection, we optimized the dielectric layer on top of the metal thin film coating.

UV Protective Aluminum Coating

On top of this metal coating, a very thin layer of SiO2 assures outstanding UV reflective energy absorption while giving broad infrared reflectivity.

Colored and paintable double coat design principle with high solar infrared reflectivity.Fig 1. Colored and paintable double coat design principle with high solar infrared reflectivity. Schematic showing the interaction of sunlight with single-layer (A) and double-layer (B) coatings, respectively, and how the latter achieves higher reflectivity. (Chen Y. J, et al. 2020)

Silver Coating

The reflectance of the modified coating is extremely high. It is suited for polarized and unpolarized light, as well as visible wavelength laser energy.

Dielectric High Reflective Coating

It's a metal-free, high-performance reflective coating made of a pure dielectric sheet with extremely high visible light reflectivity. It can be used in any application that uses unpolarized light and a 45° angle of incidence.

Dielectric High Reflective Coating for Polarization

S&P polarized and unpolarized light can be reflected well using modified film coatings over a wide range of visible wavelengths and incidence angles.

Dielectric Beam Splitter Coating

This coating, which is commonly used for visible random polarized light, allows for neutral splitting of light and laser beams.

Clear Film Coating

Broadband Anti-Reflection Coating

This multilayer anti-reflective film coating decreases reflections. These materials have much higher transmittance and lower energy losses than uncoated glass.

Conductive Transparent Indium Tin Oxide Film

The micro-roughness of the ITO films we produce using the sputter deposition procedure is superb. Its surface resistivity ranges between 5 and 1 k/square. On demand, custom sputtering can be done for mass production.

Oleophobic Anti-reflection Coating

This coating is known for its high transmittance. It has an additional oleophobic coating. Fingerprints on anti-reflective coatings are reduced by grease, liquid, and dirt protective coatings.

Clear Film Coating

Film Coatings for Lighting Applications

Heat Reflective Thermal Coating

The coatings are highly visible-spectrum transparent and strongly reflect infrared radiation up to 100 degrees. High thermal loading and chemical stability are achieved by coating these films on heat-resistant borosilicate glass substrates.

Heat Reflective Filter Coating

Heat reflective thermal coatings are comparable to how this coating works. However, it has a low visible light transmission. The focus of the design is on a wider range of infrared energy blocking.

Dielectric Cold Mirror Coating

This is a surface coating that can be put on a chemically resistant borosilicate glass substrate, and it is metal-free. The coating has the potential to effectively separate available light from heat. At a 45° incidence angle, its dielectric coating provides excellent visible reflection while transmitting infrared light up to 2500 nm.

If you can't find the right thin film coating for your application here, please start with our custom coating service.


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