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Where there is a surface that has a problem, we like to think we can help solve that problem." No matter what challenge you need help with, we've got you covered! Our surface treatment solutions enable a wide array of industries to create better, longer-lasting products.

By working in various industries, we have developed a wide range of technologies to modify almost any surface on countless substrates and applications that require different surface functions to make it behave exactly as required.

We launched an electronic business. We are now a global leader in the field of template nano-coating with customized products of award-winning waterproof coatings.

We have always been a supplier of chemicals to the oil and gas industry for a variety of applications, including downhole, antifouling and proppant treatment.

We also launched a business focused on medical care. There are a variety of medical applications that can benefit greatly from surface functionalization to change behavior, and hydrophilic surface optimization is of particular interest.

Finally, our professional processing business covers all other applications except the above. Our professional department provides functional processing for various applications, including watches, guitar strings, glasses, movie screens and many other professional applications.

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