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Alfa Chemistry focuses on the research of multifunctional chemical surface coatings and provides various chemicals for constructing surface coatings. Here customers can find biocompatible metals and ceramics and a series of biodegradable polymers. We also provide a variety of coating technologies to meet any customer needs for surface substrates or coating performance.

As an industry leader, we are the partner of choice for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, many universities, and non-profit organizations. We are currently looking for energetic and enterprising sales managers to join us.


Sales managers are primarily in charge of implementing sales strategies, making contacts with current and potential clients, assessing their needs based on product specifications and plans, and creating relevant items to support sales goals.

To create and maintain customer connections and promote product sales, the ideal applicant must have effective communication skills and a solid professional background, as well as be able to answer customer issues and give expert technical support.


Responsible for managing customer orders from quotation to final product delivery, as well as maintaining and improving existing partner satisfaction.

Customer inquiries for order status, invoice modifications, product quality issues, and data updates are coordinated and responded to.

Customer requirements for quotation-related papers, regulations, and expert technical support are handled by this person.

Maintain contact with clients and future customers to better understand their requirements and issues, as well as to actively seek out new opportunities.


  • Majors in chemistry, mainly in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or a related field, advanced degrees preferred.
  • Have a good chemistry background, be able to handle client problems, and provide expert technical assistance.
  • Product expertise and a broad understanding of adjacent industries/applications.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, excellent communication and expression skills, and good listening skills
  • Excellent time management, organization, and planning skills
  • Character maturity, a positive outlook, and a strong sense of commitment

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Sales Manager


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