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Dendrimers are radially symmetric nanometer-sized molecules having well-defined, homogenous, and monodisperse structures that include symmetric cores, inner shells, and outer shells. Their three typical macromolecular structure classes are thought to produce polydisperse products with various molecular weights. Multivalency, self-assembly, electrostatic interactions, chemical stability, minimal cytotoxicity, and solubility are among the biological features of dendrimer macromolecules.

Alfa Chemistry offers a diverse selection of dendrimers . Dendrimers, linear dendrimers, and other synthetic macromolecules with multiple branches and a significant number of peripheral groups are known as dendrimers.


Dendrimers are a suitable choice for the medical area because of their many features.

  • Anti-cancer drugs

Drug-dendrimer couples show high solubility, reduced systemic toxicity and selective accumulation in solid tumors. Different strategies have been proposed to enclose drug molecules, genetic material, targeting agents and dyes in dendrimer structures by encapsulation, complexation or affixation.

  • Drug delivery

These highly branched molecules are available in nanoscale sizes and are excellent candidates for medication delivery.

The process of obtaining the carboplatin conjugate (CPT) encapsulated in the mPEG-G3.5 dendrimer.Fig 1. The process of obtaining the carboplatin conjugate (CPT) encapsulated in the mPEG-G3.5 dendrimer.

  • Transdermal drug delivery

Dendritic polymers have been used in transdermal drug delivery systems. In general, dendrimers are a good choice in the field of efficient delivery systems for biologically active drugs that have a hydrophobic portion of the structure and low water solubility.

  • Gene delivery

To maintain DNA activity during dehydration, dendrimer/DNA complexes are encapsulated in water-soluble polymers and then deposited on or sandwiched between functionalized polymer films with rapid degradation rates to mediate gene transfection.

  • As MRI contrast agents

Dendrimer-based metal chelates act as MRI contrast agents.

  • Dendritic sensors

Although dendritic polymers are single molecules, they can contain a large number of functional groups on their surface. This makes them compelling for applications where covalent linkage or close proximity of a large number of species is important.

  • For solubility enhancement

PAMAM dendrimers are expected to have potential applications in enhancing the solubility of drug delivery systems. Dendrimers have a hydrophilic exterior and interior. Dendrimer-based carriers offer the opportunity to enhance the oral bioavailability of problematic drugs.

  • Photodynamic therapy

To improve tumor selectivity, retention and pharmacokinetics, dendrimer delivery of PDT drugs has been investigated in the last years.


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