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Polyester-16-hydroxyl-1-acetylene bis-MPA dendron, generation 4

Cat.No ACMA00015887

Basic Information Description Application Features And Benefits
Catalog Number ACMA00015887
Synonyms Dendron-G4-Acetylene-OH
Molecular Weight 1797.79
Molecular Formula C78H124O46
InChI 1S/C78H124O46/c1-17-18-110-57(103)72(10,35-119-62(108)77(15,45-121-58(104)73(11,37-111-49(95)64(2,19-79)20-80)38-112-50(96)65(3,21-81)22-82)46-122-59(105)74(12,39-113-51(97)66(4,23-83)24-84)40-114-52(98)67(5,25-85)26-86)36-120-63(109)78(16,47-123-60(106)75(13,41-115-53(99)68(6,27-87)28-88)42-116-54(100)69(7,29-89)30-90)48-124-61(107)76(14,43-117-55(101)70(8,31-91)32-92)44-118-56(102)71(9,33-93)34-94/h1,79-94H,18-48H2,2-16H3
Purity 0.96
Solubility Soluble in a variety of solvents, such as THF, DMSO, DMF, methanol, and water.
Appearance powder (lyophilized)
Storage storage temp. 2-8°C
Assay 96%
Form powder (lyophilized)
MDL Number MFCD18426583
Packaging 250 mg in glass insert
Quality Level 100
Storage Temperature 2-8°C
Description hydroxyl surface groups
Application They adopt nanometer-scale dimensions, and can be ideal candidates for drug delivery, gene transfection applications.
Features And Benefits Soluble in a variety of solvents, such as THF, DMSO, DMF, methanol, and water.

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