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Poly(vinyl alcohol-co-ethylene)

Cat.No ACM25067349-4

Basic Information Description Application Features And Benefits
CAS 25067-34-9
Catalog Number ACM25067349-4
IUPAC Name ethene;ethenol
Molecular Weight 72.11g/mol
Molecular Formula (CH2CH2)x[CH2CH(OH)]y
Canonical SMILES C=C.OC=C
InChI 1S/C2H4O.C2H4/c1-2-3;1-2/h2-3H,1H2;1-2H2
Density 1.19 g/mL at 25 °C
Composition ethylene, 32 mol %
MDL Number MFCD00197931
Packaging Packaging
100 g in glass bottle
PubChem ID 24865892
Quality Level 100
Storage Temperature 2-8°C
Description Poly(vinyl alcohol-co-ethylene) (PVA-co-PE) is a hydrophilic biocompatible polymer that has a non-toxic nature. It has high tensile strength and good film forming ability that make it useful in the food packaging industry.
Application PVA-co-PE can be used as a membrane in a variety of s like filtration, biosensor and food sensors. It can also be used as a nanoporous membrane, which can potentially be used as a separator in energy vehicles and lithium ion batteries.
Features And Benefits They can interact with or be dissolved by water or other polar substances.

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