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Poly(ethylene glycol) linear dendron, carboxyl terminated, PEG Mn 10000, generation 1

Cat.No ACMA00040520

Basic Information Description Application Features And Benefits
Catalog Number ACMA00040520
Molecular Weight 10348.23
Form solid
Quality Level 100
Storage Temperature −20°C
Description Bis-MPA dendritic molecules are based on 2,2-bismethylolpropionicacid (bis-MPA) building blocks.
Application The hydrolyzable linker allows for degradation into byproducts that can be reabsorbed by the body or into excretable non-toxic small molecules. This dendritic polymer is biocompatible and biodegradable and suitable for biomedical s. PEG-core dendrons feature excellent solubility in water and a high degree of functionality per PEG chain, making them strong candidates for advanced drug delivery systems or for drug targeting. The carboxylic acid-functionalized corona can be readily used for bioconjugation reactions.
Features And Benefits Polymer architecture: PEG-linear dendron
Generation: 1
PEG average Mn: 10,000
End Group Functionality: Carboxylic acid
No. Surface Groups: 2
Calculated Mol. Wt.: 10348.34 g/mol
Bis-MPA = 2,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic acid

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