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Cat.No ACM25038715-1

Basic Information Description Application Features And Benefits
CAS 25038-71-5
Catalog Number ACM25038715-1
Synonyms Ethene,tetrafluoro-,polymerwithethene;tefzel;tetrafluoro-ethenpolymerwithethene;POLY(ETHYLENE-CO-TETRAFLUOROETHYLENE);POLY(ETHYLENE-CO-TETRAFLUOROETHYLENE), M ELT INDEX 11;POLY(ETHYLENE-CO-TETRAFLUOROETHYLENE), M ELT INDEX 6;poly(ethylene-tetrafluoroethyl
IUPAC Name ethene;1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethene
Molecular Weight 128.07g/mol
Molecular Formula (CH2CH2)x(CF2CF2)y
Canonical SMILES C=C.F\C(F)=C(\F)F
InChI 1S/C2F4.C2H4/c3-1(4)2(5)6;1-2/h;1-2H2
Purity 96%
Density 1.73 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Form pellets
MDL Number MFCD00212549
Packaging 50 g in poly bottle
PubChem ID 24866745
Quality Level 100
Refractive Index n20/D 1.3
Storage Temperature 2-8°C
Description The polymer product is a hydrophobic material that is insoluble in water or other polar solvents.
Application Injection molding and extrusion for wire coatings, tubes, films and monofilaments.
Features And Benefits Mechanical properties are superior to perfluorinated polymers like PTFE and PFA. Excellent performance over a wide temperature range and good electrical insulating properties over a wide temperature and frequency range.

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