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Low endotoxin gelatin from porcine skin, gel strength 260-330 (Bloom)

Basic Information Description Application Features And Benefits
CAS 9000-70-8
Catalog Number ACM9000708-9
Synonyms gelatin LS-H
Form powder
Quality Level 100
Storage Temperature 2-8°C
Description The polymer product is a polymer that is derived from natural sources, with or without chemical modification.
Application Gelatin has received significant attention in the biomedical field due to its inherent bioactivity. Low endotoxin gelatin from porcine skin, gel strength 300 bloom is a high bloom (high molecular weight) gelatin featuring less than 10 endotoxin units (EU) per gram. Endotoxins primarily consist of lipopolysaccharides from the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. Once in the bloodstream, endotoxins are capable of eliciting a strong immune response, potentially leading to fever, shock, a drop in blood pressure, and even potentially death. In addition to this immune response, several reports suggest endotoxins may also damage various types of cells. To avoid adverse effects, raw materials should contain the lowest level of endotoxins possible when used in biomedical or regenerative medicine research applications. This low endotoxin gelatin is derived from alkaline-treated porcine skin and has a variety of potential applications in the fields of regenerative medicine, medical devices, and tissue engineering research.
Features And Benefits Low toxicity and good biocompatibility

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