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Cucurbit[5]uril hydrate

Cat.No ACMA00003288

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Catalog Number ACMA00003288
Molecular Formula C30H30N20O10 · xH2O · xKCl · xHCl
Canonical SMILES O.Cl.[Cl-].[K+].O=C1N2CN3C4C5N(CN6C7C8N(CN9C%10C%11N(CN%12C%13C%14N(CN1C%15C2N%16CN4C(=O)N5CN7C(=O)N8CN%10C(=O)N%11CN%13C(=O)N%14CN%15C%16=O)C%12=O)C9=O)C6=O)C3=O
InChI 1S/C30H30N20O10.2ClH.K.H2O/c51-21-31-1-32-12-14-36(22(32)52)4-40-16-18-44(26(40)56)8-48-20-19-47(29(48)59)7-43-17-15-39(25(43)55)3-35(21)13-11(31)33-2-34(12)24(54)38(14)6-42(16)28(58)46(18)10-50(20)30(60)49(19)9-45(17)27(57)41(15)5-37(13)23(33)53;;;;/h11-20H,1-10H2;2*1H;;1H2/q;;;+1;/p-1/t11-,12+,13+,14-,15-,16+,17+,18-,19-,20+;;;;
Contains acid of crystalization
MDL Number MFCD03456499
Packaging Packaging
100 mg in glass insert
PubChem ID 329758035
Quality Level 100
Storage Temperature 2-8°C
Description Cucurbiturils are macrocyclic molecules made of glycoluril monomers linked by methylene bridges. The oxygen atoms are located along the edges of the band and are tilted inwards, forming a partly enclosed cavity.
Cucurbiturils are commonly written as cucurbit[n]uril, where n is the number of glycoluril units. Two common abbreviations are CB[n], or simply CBn.
Application Host material for supramolecular chemistry.
Features And Benefits Biologically inert; biocompatible

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