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Alginic acid sodium salt

Basic Information Description Application Features And Benefits
CAS 9005-38-3
Catalog Number ACM9005383-5
Synonyms Algin, Sodium alginate
Form powder
MDL Number MFCD00081310
Packaging 100, 250, 500 g in poly bottle
Quality Level 200
Storage Temperature 2-8°C
Description Alginic acid sodium is a gelling and nontoxic anionic polysaccharide. The carboxylic acid groups on the alginic acid chain, renders it insoluble in water.However, converting alginic acid to its sodium form, enables it to solubilize in water easily.
Application Alginic acid sodium is used:
in combination with chitosan, to fabricate a biodegradable porous scaffold for bone tissue engineering.
to study the characteristics of a modified amphiphilic alginate derivative
to the study the impact of alginate on the rate of lipid digestion by employing an in vitro digestion model
in the preparation of alginate hydrogels
as encapsulating agents of microparticles of β-galactosidae
Features And Benefits Low toxicity and good biocompatibility

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