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Acetylated branched polyethylenimine solution 20% solution

Cat.No ACMA00040593

Basic Information Description Application Features And Benefits
Catalog Number ACMA00040593
Synonyms Capped PEI, Acetylated PEI, Acetylated-PEI25K
Molecular Formula (C29H63N11O3)mC3H8N2O
Degree Of Hydrolysis 20% acetylation, suitable for biomedical research
Form liquid
Quality Level 100
Storage Temperature 2-8°C
Description All polyethylene imine polymers are hydrophilic and may contain approx. 30% hydrated water.
Application High molecular weight branched PEI is commonly used in gene delivery due to its high transfection efficiency in a broad range of cells. Branched PEI has been used to successfully deliver genetic material both in vitro and in vivo. N-Acetylation of PEI could lower its toxicity. At low degree of substitution (below 25%) resulted in moderate improvement of transfection activity.
Features And Benefits They can interact with or be dissolved by water or other polar substances.

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