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Cat.No ACMA00040575

Basic Information Description Application Features And Benefits
Catalog Number ACMA00040575
Synonyms 4 arm-PLGA, 4 arm PLGA, 4arm-PLGA
Molecular Weight average Mn 38,000 -60,000
Molecular Formula C6H11O3((((C3H4O2)x(C2H2O2)y)m)H)3
Form powder or chunks
Quality Level 100
Storage Temperature −20°C
Description average Mn 38,000 -60,000, lactide:glycolide 55:45
Application Can be used in the formation of nanoparticles for drug delivery. The multi-arm molecular structure might promote high drug loading, superior colloidal stability, as well as long circulation time.
Features And Benefits Application
Biocompatible and biodegradable polymer.

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