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Laser Mark Coating


In some petrochemical industry applications, products need to be repeatedly marked for clearer identification and traceability. One of the most widely used marking techniques is laser marking. Compared with the traditional marking process, it has the following advantages: non-contact work, high repeatability, high scanning speed, high flexibility, high automation, etc. However, the surface of the product can also be eroded when exposed to external conditions for a long time. Alfa Chemistry can provide laser marking coating solutions to protect your products from environmental and other factors without affecting the laser marking effect on their surfaces.

Why Do You Need A Laser Mark Coating?

We offer laser marking coatings that can be used to solve a variety of problems in laser marking applications. Here are some circumstances where you may use our laser marking coatings to improve product quality and address a variety of challenges in laser marking applications.

  • Your products must be marked in a consistent manner.
  • Your product is far too delicate to be labeled.
  • You want your products to be corrosion and wear resistant.
  • The material of your product is not suitable for laser marking.

Laser Mark Coating

Suitable Laser Mark Coating Solution

Alfa Chemistry makes laser marking coatings out of titanium. Because of their light weight, superior corrosion resistance, and compatibility with carbon fiber reinforced polymers, titanium and its alloys are widely utilized in aircraft. On improve the surface qualities of our goods, we apply titanium coatings to other bulk metal surfaces, such as high-strength aluminum alloys.

Cold Spray Deposition (CSD), a relatively recent process for producing surface coatings without considerably increasing the substrate temperature, is the effective method we utilize to generate coatings. Temperature-sensitive materials can be coated using this method. Because of their cold-worked microstructure, the coatings created by this method have a high density and electrical conductivity, as well as good corrosion resistance and hardness. Simultaneously, the approach offers a solution for applications where typical metal spraying processes such as flame, arc, plasma, and HVOF spraying are ineffective due to issues such as coating porosity, oxidation, and low adherence.

Laser Mark CoatingFig 1.Macrograph of the markings on the titanium cold sprayed layer performed at Pp=20 kW. (Velotti C, et al. 2016)

Experiments show that the modified titanium cold spray coating can not only protect the surface well, but also the laser marking effect is still very good.

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

  • For many years, we've been developing numerous surface chemical strategies for changing surface properties.
  • Our coatings are nanoscale, simple to apply, environmentally friendly, safe, and non-toxic.
  • We'll create a bonding solution that's tailored to your product's specific requirements.


  • Velotti C, et al. (2016). "Laser marking of titanium coating for aerospace applications." Procedia CIRP. 41: 975 - 980.

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