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Guitar String Coating


Acidic sweat and filth that develops on players' hands after continuous usage of an instrument's strings can linger on the strings' surface, deteriorating their appearance and hurting their performance. Furthermore, the influence of the external environment, such as humidity, air pollution, smog, and so on, will have some negative consequences. As a result, using high-performance surface coatings to functionalize guitar strings provides a number of performance benefits.

Alfa Chemistry offers a number of surface modification methods that can be used to improve the repellency and longevity of strings without sacrificing timbre. Contact us if you want to make high-quality, long-lasting guitar strings!

Why Do You Need A Guitar String Coating?

In musical instrument applications, our guitar string surface modification technology treatments can be utilized to tackle a wide range of string difficulties. In the circumstances below, you may want to consider using our anti-fouling coating on the surface of guitar strings to increase the product's quality.

  • It's best not to wipe the strings too often.
  • The current coating degrades the string's original quality.
  • Traditional paint has a heavy feel and appearance that you dislike.
  • With continuous use, you want to avoid a sudden decline in sound quality.
  • To extend the string change time, you want to avoid a rapid build-up of oil and dust in the strings.
  • Climate change, sweat/grease corrosion, deteriorated strings, and sound quality are all things you want to prevent.

Guitar String Coating

Suitable Guitar String Coating Solution

On the surface of the guitar strings, we apply an ultra-thin coating of hydrophobic and oleophobic polymer nanocoating; this coating functions as a barrier, preventing sweat, dirt, and filth from attacking the strings, causing us to experience all of the negative conditions stated. This coating increases the string's initial and long-term performance without affecting the timbre.

Our guitar string surface coating is a hydrophobic and oleophobic nanoscale coating that can be applied to practically any metal and is optically clear. It has a water contact angle of about 120 degrees and an oil contact angle of about 90 degrees, making it highly repellent to practically all liquids. These contact angles were only slightly affected after significant wear cycles.

Guitar String Coating

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

  • We have been researching surface chemical approaches for changing various metal surfaces in string applications and have contributed to the development of coated strings.
  • Our polymer coatings are nanoscale, non-toxic, and safe.
  • We've worked on a lot of string protection applications and have a lot of experience with them.
  • We will customize coating solutions to meet the specific requirements of your string product.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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