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Film Screen Coating


Food and beverages such as soda, sweets, butter, and popcorn can badly taint the screen in movie theaters. Using high-performance surface coating technology to functionalize a film or projector screen will give various performance gains.

Alfa Chemistry has a number of surface modification technologies that may be used to functionalize movie screen surfaces to make them highly oil and water repellent. Our nanoscale film layer effectively juice, candy, butter, ketchup and other soiling liquids, extending screen life and lowering cleaning frequency. To develop high-performance, long-lasting cinema screens, contact us today!

Why Do You Need A Film Screen Coating?

Our screen protection nanocoating technology may be utilized to solve a wide range of issues in cinema screen applications. Here are some scenarios where our film screen coatings could help you improve the quality of your product.

  • It is both costly and time-consuming to clean your movie screen.
  • You want to keep liquids and foods like soda, candy, and butter away from your movie screen.
  • You don't want to damage your pricey and delicate 3D screen by cleaning it.

Film Screen Coating

Suitable Film Screen Coating Solution

We use a variety of surface modification technologies to build oleophobic and hydrophobic nanocoatings on the surface of your movie screen to avoid contamination from foods and beverages such as candy, juice, ketchup, cheese and popcorn butter, resulting in less screen cleaning and longer visionary use life. The resulting optically clear coating is only 2-4 nm thick. The repelling coating's oil contact angle was 75°-85°, the water contact angle was 115°-120°, according to surface energy measurements.

Film Screen Coating

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

  • We have a lot of experience generating repellent surface chemistries for screen modification.
  • The film screen coatings we create are nano-scale, green, and safe.
  • We'll collaborate with you to develop a protective coating solution that's tailored to your screen's specific requirements.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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