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Enhanced Aluminum Reflective Coating


Metal coatings outperform other reflective coatings in most reflective applications. Aluminum coatings reflect light well in all wavelengths, from UV to IR. For many general-purpose broadband applications, aluminum-coated mirrors are the first choice. At shorter wavelengths, however, bare metal oxidizes quickly and loses reflectivity. Alfa Chemistry manufactures the most effective enhanced aluminum reflector coatings, which have good reflectivity in both the visible and near infrared spectrums, making them perfect for broadband applications.

Enhanced aluminum coatings are less likely to lose their shine in high humidity settings than protected silver coatings, while still delivering good reflectivity. As a result, improved aluminum metallic mirror coatings are frequently preferred.

Why Choose Enhanced Aluminum Reflective Coating

Metal coatings are notoriously brittle. During application and cleaning, we must exercise particular caution. Overlaying a dielectric coating on a metal layer can improve the metal coating's longevity, oxidation resistance, and reflectivity in a specific spectral area without affecting its performance. Enhanced aluminum coatings are made up of numerous layers of dielectric film that are meant to optimize reflectance in the visible and ultraviolet ranges. This coating is more sensitive to wavelength, angle of incidence and polarization than protective metal coatings.

Enhanced Aluminum Reflective Coating

Our visible light enhanced aluminum reflective coating delivers high optical imaging quality and good optical performance, efficiently reflecting infrared light and decreasing ghosting in reflected images, in addition to these advantages. Deflectors, surface mirrors, cost-effective alternatives to silver coatings, and medical instrument optics are just a few of the applications for the coating.

Alfa Chemistry Standard Optical Coating

At a cheap cost, our visible light enhanced aluminum reflective coating provides great reflectivity and optical quality. To boost reflectivity and safeguard the metal coating of the optics from oxidation and scratches, we place a protective dielectric layer on top of the highly reflective aluminum coating. The coating also has better resilience against dampness, wear, and scratches.

Vacuum deposition is used by Alfa Chemistry to apply the visible light enhanced aluminum reflective coating to glass substrates. Float glass is one of the substrate options, however other substrates can be requested.

Standard Optical Coating

Aluminum reflective coating with visible light enhancement is a cost-effective optical coating that is frequently the best solution for high-volume applications. Please contact us to determine if our standard enhanced aluminum reflective coating can be used without modification for your optical application. We may adjust and change the protective topcoat to increase the metal coating's reflectivity for specific light wavelengths if desired. Please contact us if you have any other requirements.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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