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Customized Wet Lubrication Coating


Although lubricants can help reduce or manage friction to some amount, they are rarely enough to provide the necessary long-term performance. Nature and engineers frequently utilize coatings to improve the moist lubrication of the surface to solve this problem. Wet lubricating coatings use water-based liquids to minimize friction, just the way nature does in our joints, lips, and eyes.

Alfa Chemistry can create a hydrophilic lubricating coating on your substrate that is modeled after natural friction-reduction methods. The surrounding aqueous medium is bound and held throughout the process by creating a hydrophilic lubricating coating on the surface of the substrate. It is possible to achieve the best product performance this way.

Permanent Hydrophilic Lubricating Coating

Lubricating coatings on medical devices can help enhance the performance, accuracy, and durability of components and products by reducing the negative impacts of dynamic and static friction.

Alfa Chemistry has extensive experience in bespoke coating design, surface activation, hydrogel synthesis, and process development, and can create a permanent hydrophilic lubricating coating on any substrate surface to fulfill the demands of high-performance hydrophilic coatings. The demand for multilayer solutions is increasing.

Customized Wet Lubrication CoatingFig 1. A polyethylene glycol functionalized hyaluronic acid coating for cardiovascular catheter lubrication. (Wang H. P, et al. 2020)

The coating creates a thin film of water that is confined to the surface, providing long-lasting lubricity to the surface. Any material can be covered thanks to the customizable adhesive layer. Even the small cavities of minimally invasive surgical equipment can be covered due to the unique chemical qualities.

The characteristics of hydrophilic lubricating coatings include strong covalent bonding and ultra-low friction; reducing the formation of biofilms; free of silicone and fluorinated polymers; minimum particle generation; customizable coating thickness.

Adjustable Lubricating Medical Coating

For the treatment of patients, the lubricity of medical devices is critical. Although little friction is preferable, a certain amount of friction is usually required to give the surgeon adequate tactile input.

Alfa Chemistry can apply non-aqueous lubricants to your substrates to provide lubricating coatings with variable lubricity. To limit the risk of infection, the coating is sterile and does not require watering.

It has several advantages, including the absence of silicon and PTFE, continuous lubrication, and adjustable friction for complex procedures.

Adjustable Lubricating Medical Coating

Please contact us to find out how your medical device can benefit from our wet lubricating coating.


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