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Thin film coatings with a range of features are becoming suited for various sectors as the demand for functional coatings grows. Transparent conductive coatings are conductive films that are optically transparent. When strong visible light transmission and electrical conductivity are required, these coatings are typically utilized. They're also quite thermally stable. These features have led to the usage of LCDs, OLEDs, touchscreens, and photovoltaics in a variety of electronic gadgets.

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of custom options for transparent conductive coating. We use vacuum sputtering or ion-enhanced electron beam evaporation to deposit transparent conducting oxides and metals onto your selected optical substrate, such as glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate, to create indium tin oxide (ITO), transparent gold, or other hybrid transparent conductive coatings. Please contact us to discuss your transparent conductive coating needs. We will react to your online form as soon as possible.

Applications and Benefits of Transparent Conductive Coating

Alfa Chemistry deposits coats glass, semiconductor materials, and polymeric optical substrates with transparent conductive coatings with good optoelectronic qualities, often for applications needing high visible light transmittance and conductive surfaces, according to customer specifications.

  • Transparent conductive films can be employed as surface heat emitters in applications such as automobile windshields, camera lenses, and skiing glasses because of their transparent and conductive properties.
  • Anti-static and anti-electromagnetic shielding coatings can be made from transparent conductive films with resistance less than 109 Ω.
  • SnO2 and ITO films, which have a heat reflectivity of 80 percent or higher in the infrared, can be employed as heat reflecting films.
  • Flexible transparent conductive sheets with a flexible substrate could be used in flexible light-emitting devices, plastic LCDs, solar cells, and other applications.
  • Membrane switches as gas detection sensor terminal devices can be made with transparent conductive films.

Applications and Benefits of Transparent Conductive Coating

Alfa Chemistry Customized Optical Coating

Transparent Conductive Oxides

TCO is a doped metal oxide with more than 80% incident light transmission and a conductivity of more than 103 S/cm for effective carrier transport.

  • ITO Coating

Alfa Chemistry offers customers transparent conductive ITO coatings with anti-reflective qualities optimized for high visible light transmittance and outstanding IR reflectivity. ITO has a low resistance of 10-4cm and a transmittance more than 80%. LCD displays and medical device displays can both benefit from the coatings. They can achieve specular reflection of less than 0.35 percent and thin layer resistance of 4 to 3000 ohms per square when customized to your specifications.

  • AZO Coating

The drawback of ITO is that it is costly. As a result, doped binary compounds such as aluminum-doped zinc oxide have been offered as alternative materials. Alfa Chemistry creates a transparent conductive covering with a resistance of roughly 99 ohms/square using aluminum-zinc oxide. To increase transmittance, the coating has been coated with a single anti-reflective layer.

Transparent Conductive Oxides

Transparent Conductive Ag Alloy Layer

For applications such as organic photovoltaics, Alfa Chemistry can develop a thin transparent conductive Ag alloy layer on a substrate with low resistance and exceptional flexibility while preserving high light transmission equivalent to ITO films. Its strong infrared reflectance allows for excellent thermal insulation.

Metal Mesh Transparent Conductive Films

This high-transparency, low-sheet-resistance coating with an internal metal mesh pattern has exceptional optical and electrical qualities, making it a good substitute for ITO conductive films.

OptionsSheet resistance (Ω/sq)Transparency (%)Reliability
Electrode metal mesh 10.380Excellent
Electrode metal mesh 20.885Excellent
Traditional metal mesh380Outstanding
Silver Nanowires (AgNWs)1085Average (Silver migration; easy to oxidize)

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