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Customized Surface Nanocoating Technology


Every day, we provide partners in numerous industries with creative, effective, and safe coating technology. Alfa Chemistry has worked as a thought partner, R&D asset, and manufacturing department with a number of businesses and some of the most inventive and exciting start-ups throughout the years. We offer tailored, lubricating, wear-resistant, or biocompatible coatings that may be applied to a variety of polymer and metal substrates utilizing heat curing or UV curing technology as a global leader. Whatever surface coating difficulty you're up against, we've got you covered!

Functional Coating Solutions

For customers who want to change diverse surfaces, we design and manufacture surface nano-coating technology. Our nanocoating solutions cover a wide range of applications and have been tested in the field. The surface can be adjusted to be waterproof (hydrophobic and oleophobic), hydrophilic, increase adhesion, change particle behavior, or achieve Waterproof function application, according to your specific needs. We deliver unique solutions to your surface-related coating difficulties using the numerous surface coating technologies we can apply. We work with scientists, engineers, and product designers from many walks of life to help them create better, longer-lasting goods.

Customized Nanocoating on Polymer Substrate

We are committed to maximizing performance. We understand that every type of equipment that requires coating is unique. Not only do we provide items, but we also provide full solutions. This is why our coatings are made to order to fit your specifications. We are privileged to collaborate with you in order to provide you with a world-class coating experience.

Journey To Success

Our process of working with engineers and product developers aims to produce efficient and effective solutions.

Waterproof coating technology

Our waterproof surface nano-coating treatment improves the performance of almost any product through easy-to-apply nano-coating, which can be combined with various surfaces. Use customized coating solutions to functionalize your surface or product to make it hydrophobic, oleophobic or to improve water resistance.

Particle Modified Coating

Our particle modification coating treatment improves the performance of almost any particle or powder through easy-to-apply coating and treatment.

Improved adhesion

Our adhesion-promoting coatings and treatments improve the performance of almost all products that require strong bonding, which can resist delamination under the most extreme conditions.

Hydrophilic coating

Our hydrophilic coating treatments improve the performance of almost any product through easy-to-apply hydrophilic functional treatments that can bond to a variety of surfaces.

Customized Nanocoating on Polymer Substrate

Why Choose Us?

Our coating services department, which is part of our full-service coating solutions, is an alternative for partners who want to outsource the coating application process. We are happy to be able to dispose of our clients' professional equipment in an efficient, stable, and repeatable manner to prepare it for usage by patients all over the world.

Alfa Chemistry can support your coating process throughout the life cycle of your equipment for our partners. We assist our partners by making it simple to order reagents and providing ongoing support for any manufacturing concerns.

Customized Nanocoating on Polymer Substrate

Simply setting up and running the coating process does not ensure that no unanticipated human or environmental elements will arise. You can rely on Alfa Chemistry's proven team of professionals to assist you to maximize your output when an irregularity occurs in the manufacturing process, and you can count on us to give you first-class service.

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Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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