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Customized Optical Filter Coating


Optical filters are used to selectively transmit, block, or reflect specific wavelength transmissions in spectroscopy, clinical chemistry, and medicinal applications. Alfa Chemistry is a leader in the field of optical filter coatings, dedicated to providing customers with filter coating solutions that best meet their needs in a wide range of applications, from small quantities for prototyping to large batches for production.

Alfa Chemistry Customized Optical Coating

Alfa Chemistry uses a variety of specialist thin-film technologies to develop its goods on a regular basis. From UV to IR, we customize high-performance filters for optical applications.

For complicated coating designs on a variety of substrate materials, we use ion beam sputtering (IBS) or ion-assisted electron beam (IAD) processes to ensure that the coatings fulfill the specified environmental endurance, optical performance, and laser damage thresholds.

Customized Optical Coating

Our qualified specialists can alter coating settings to fit a wide range of requirements. They're ready to help you fully optimize your system with coatings by determining the optimal sample design for you to demonstrate theoretical coating performance for specified incidence angles, substrates, incident media, and wavelength regions.

Requests for custom filter coatings for any technical specification are always welcome. Even if your request is difficult, we will try our utmost to suit your needs by pushing the boundaries of existing design techniques and coating procedures. If we are unable to match your standards on the first coating run, we will execute further runs at no charge until we are able to fulfill them. We can produce custom films quickly and efficiently, whether in large or small quantities.

Optical Filter Coating Capabilities

Alfa Chemistry offers a comprehensive range of catalog optical filter solutions in regulated custom widths and thicknesses for our customers' needs, based on considerable knowledge and cost-effective manufacturing procedures. We cover our substrates primarily with an ion deposition method, which allows us to consistently and frequently produce the same unique product, ensuring consistency.

Optical Filter Coating Capabilities

Please contact us for an estimate, and we will work with you to find the best solution possible using today's cutting-edge technology.

OptionsTypes of FiltersSpecifications
Filters for Fluorescence ApplicationsFluorescence Dichroic FiltersReflectivity ≥ 98%
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion (TWD) ≤ λ/4
Fluorescence Bandpass FiltersTransmittance ≥ 95%
Obstruction ≥ OD6.0
Bandwidth between 10 ~ 80nm
High-Precision Edge FiltersShort Pass FilterTransmittance ≥ 95%
Slope coefficient ≤ 1%
Blockage ≥ OD4.0
Long Pass FilterTransmittance ≥ 95%
Slope coefficient ≤ 1%
Blockage ≥ OD4.0
Dichroic FilterReflectivity ≥ 98%
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion (TWD) ≤ λ/4
Optical Notch FiltersMulti-Line Notch Filters2, 3 and 4 wavelength designs
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion (TWD) ≤ 1λ
Laser Line Notch FiltersObstruction ≥ OD6.0
Narrow half-height
wide transmission range
Neutral Density (ND) FiltersReflective ND FiltersOptical density between 0.1 and 5.0
Surface quality 40-20
Low cost or high precision substrates
UV, VIS, NIR, LWIR and multispectral ranges
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion (TWD) ≤ λ/4
Non-Reflective ND FiltersOptical density between 0.1 and 5.0
Reflection ≤ 2%
Surface quality 60-40
Visible and near-infrared designs
Low cost or high precision substrates
Absorptive ND FiltersOptical density between 0.1 and 5.0
Multiple AR Coating Options
Tightly control thickness or optical density

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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