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Customized Oleophobic Coating


There are numerous performance benefits to having an oleophobic surface in a variety of applications. Alfa Chemistry provides a number of surface coating methods that can make a range of substrates oleophobic, enhancing the performance of practically any product. Oleophobic nano coatings and treatments repel oils, solvents, greases, and adhesives/resins, resulting in a variety of performance benefits. These nano-scale nano-coatings are also optically clear and long-lasting. There are numerous performance benefits to having an oleophobic surface in a variety of applications. Please get in touch to see how we can assist!

Why Do We Need an Oleophobic Coating?

Various difficulties can be solved with oleophobic surface coating technology. Some oleophobic coatings that can aid increase surface performance are listed below.

  • It takes time and money to clean your surface.
  • The Wetability of the surface or powder isn't good.
  • The surface is not sufficiently lubricated.
  • Surface-adhesive substance adheres to the surface.
  • Optical performance can be impaired by oil or other droplets/contaminants.
  • The product's aesthetic behavior will be harmed by surface pollution.
  • You've run into a difficulty with the product's liquid behavior on the surface.
  • It is impossible to create a physical barrier that inhibits the flow of oil or solvent liquid.

Customized Oleophobic Coating

Alfa Chemistry Oleophobic Coating

Alfa Chemistry can supply a variety of oleophobic nanocoatings, including but not limited to:

Fluorine-Containing Antifouling Coating

Alfa Chemistry has created a fluoropolymer that can make strong bonds with the treated substrate, resulting in an antifouling coating that is effective. It has an incredibly thin layer that gives the maximum level of surface protection and may be used to eliminate fingerprints on smartphone surfaces, glasses, touch screens, and any other glass or plastic surface.

The coating gives the treated surface properties such as anti-fingerprint, anti-sebum, lubricating and smooth touch, excellent water and oil resistance, easy cleaning, no change in optical properties, and so on.

Oleophobic Anti-Reflective Coating

By limiting reflection on the glass surface and maximizing light transmission, traditional anti-reflective coated glass improves display contrast. Fingerprints will leave noticeable imprints on the coating if the non-reflective screen is touched.

On glass substrates, we can create oleophobic optical anti-reflective coatings. Anti-reflective coatings on both sides of the glass are suited for visible light. On one side, an oleophobic coating with anti-fingerprint properties and the ability to repel liquids and dirt has been applied.

The oleophobic single-sided and anti-reflective double-sided coatings can minimize fingerprint visibility by 90%. Dirt and liquid adherence is also significantly lower than with traditional anti-reflective glass.

Excellent light transmission; highly long-lasting oleophobic effect; water contact angle > 110; good chemical resistance; easy to clean; high abrasion resistance and durability are among the other features.

Oleophobic Anti-Reflective Coating

PFOS and PFOA-free Oleophobic Coating

Exemptions for the use of PFOA and PFOS-containing chemicals in all remaining exempt applications in the EU and many other regions will expire in 2022-2023! In any available oleophobic coating technology platform, Alfa Chemistry does not use PFOA or PFOS. Please use Alfa Chemistry's oleophobic coating technology to solve your regulatory difficulties while also boosting the performance of your product.

Our Advantages

  • Almost any surface or substrate can be treated.
  • The oleophobic coating method we use creates a long-lasting oleophobic surface. The normal oil contact angle is between 75 and 85 degrees.
  • The chemical and thermal stability of our oleophobic surface nano-coating (200°-300°C) is excellent.
  • Our oleophobic nano coatings are durable and scalable, making them ideal for high-volume commercial use.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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