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Customized Nanocoating on Tungsten Substrate


Tungsten is so thick that it is considered one of nature's toughest substances. Tungsten is utilized in a variety of applications because it is extremely strong, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant, as well as having the greatest melting point and tensile strength of any element. Incandescent bulb filaments, X-ray tubes, electrodes in tungsten gas shield welding, high-temperature alloys, radiation shielding, and military applications are just a few of the uses for tungsten.

Alfa Chemistry offers unique functionalized coatings on tungsten substrates. Tungsten with a functional surface offers significant performance advantages in a number of applications. You may increase the performance of practically any tungsten-based product with our broad and simple-to-apply specialty coating treatments. Work with us to make your tungsten surfaces more functional. Partner with us to functionalize your tungsten surfaces together! Join forces with us to functionalize your tungsten surfaces.

Extensive Surface Modification Technology Options

Alfa Chemistry provides a number of surface coating technologies that can be used to improve the performance of tungsten surfaces. Our tungsten metal surface alteration choices include, but are not limited to:

  • Surface Waterproofing Coating Technology - The surface of tungsten substrates can be functionalized to be highly water and oil-resistant, making them very repellant to practically any liquid.
  • Hydrophilic Coating Technology - The surface of tungsten substrates can be functionalized to make it very hydrophilic.
  • Adhesion Promotion Coating Technology - We can improve the adhesive qualities of tungsten substrates by functionalizing the surface.
  • Particle Modification Coating Technology - Alfa Chemistry can improve particle behavior, minimize aggregation, and maximize cross-linking by functionalizing tungsten powder and gold particles.
  • Lubricant Coating Technology - We can functionalize the surface of tungsten substrates to reduce surface friction.

We can create nanoscale, optically transparent, and long-lasting coatings.

Extensive Surface Modification Technology Options

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Alfa Chemistry Coating Solution Cases

Case 1: PTFE/TiO2 hydrophobic bilayer coating

Alfa Chemistry creates self-regulating polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)/TiO2 organic-inorganic bilayer coatings on tungsten alloys using heat and gradient pressure field enhanced plasma electrolytic oxidation (TGEPEO). The bottom porous layer of TiO2 is firmly bound to the top layer of PTFE with customizable thickness. With a water contact angle of 138.0° and an excellent self-cleaning function, the bilayer coating has a particular hydrophobic surface. Furthermore, the PTFE/TiO2 bilayer coating has outstanding corrosion resistance as well as strong electrical insulation. More crucially, the double-layer coating's microstructure can self-regulate during long-term immersion, boosting chemical stability.

Case 2: Dense Tungsten particles with a silicon coating

At 645 °C, we used a fluidized bed chemical vapor phase technique to create silicon coatings on tungsten particles. A continuous silicon film with silicon layer thicknesses ranging from 0.1 to 1 m wraps the tungsten particles uniformly. New experiments with fission particles are being conducted now that the feasibility of this coating has been proved. The addition of a silicon deposition layer on the surface of the tungsten particles improves the behavior of the fuel plates under irradiation and at high fuel consumption, and can be employed for nuclear research.

SEM micrographs of the tungsten particlesFig 1. SEM micrographs of the tungsten particles before (a) and after coating with a silane molar fraction of 0.5% (b) and 5.2% (c). (Vanni F, et al. 2015)

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

  • We have a lot of experience with tungsten and its alloy surface coatings.
  • Our custom-coated goods are thin, light, and safe for the environment.
  • Our solutions are tailored to match the unique needs of your products.


  • Vanni F, et al. (2015). "Silicon Coating on Very Dense Tungsten Particles by Fluidized Bed CVD for Nuclear Application." Application and Materials Science. 212(7): 1599-1606.

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