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Customized Nanocoating on Nylon Substrate


Nylon is a man-made plastic substance made up of man-made fibers, plastics, and polymers made up of high molecular weight polyamides, usually in the form of fibers but not always. The majority of nylons are semi-crystalline and are extremely durable materials with excellent abrasion, heat, and chemical resistance. Nylon refers to a variety of materials, including nylon 6,6, nylon 6,12, and others. Specific gravity, melting point, and moisture content decrease as the number of nylon increases giving the different varieties a wide range of qualities. Nylon is commonly used to make films and fibers, but it can also be utilized to make molding compounds.

Different functional nylon surfaces can provide a variety of performance advantages in a variety of applications. For nylon materials, Alfa Chemistry can provide unique functionalized surface coating services. You can improve the surface properties of virtually any nylon-related product using our wide and simple surface modification methods. You can customize the surface of your product with confidence if you choose to deal with us!

Extensive Surface Modification Technology Options

Alfa Chemistry provides a wide range of polymer surface modification technologies that can be used to functionalize nylon surfaces in a variety of ways to improve their various surface properties. Our surface modification technology options include but are not limited to the following.

  • Surface Water Repellent Coating Technology - We can add hydrophobic and oleophobic qualities to nylon surfaces to make them highly water and oil resistant, thereby rendering them immune to nearly all liquids.
  • Hydrophilic coating technology - We can give nylon surfaces very strong hydrophilic characteristics by functionalizing them.
  • Adhesion Promotion Coating Technology - We can improve the surface adherence of nylon surfaces by functionalizing them.
  • Particle Modification Coating Technology - Alfa Chemistry can improve particle behavior, minimize aggregation, and maximize cross-linking by functionalizing nylon particle surfaces.
  • Lubricant Coating Technology - We can functionalize nylon surfaces to reduce surface friction.

Chemically stable, optically transparent, and very durable, these nanoscale coatings can be created.

Customized Nanocoating on Nylon Substrate

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Alfa Chemistry Coating Solution Cases

Case 1: Fabrication of adhesion-enhanced copper coatings on nylon 6 fabrics

Alfa Chemistry has discovered a method for producing metal layers on polymer substrates using a chemical process. Using pH-responsive styrene (St)-co-N, N-dimethyl-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate (DMAEMA)/Pd nanocomposites, we created copper layers on nylon 6 textiles. The copper layer's adherence to the substrate was improved by using st-co-DMAEMA/Pd. Prior to chemical deposition, the nylon 6 textiles were treated with an optimal acid concentration of 2.0 M. The pretreatment will increase the affinity of the nanocomposite catalyst for the modified nylon 6 fabric, making copper deposition more favorable.

Process of copper plated nylon 6 fabrics by electroless copper plating.Fig 1. Process of copper plated nylon 6 fabrics by electroless copper plating. (You J. L, et al. 2021)

The resistance of the nanoscale copper layer generated by this approach is about 2.51, with little change in resistance before and after the bending test. Furthermore, for chemical copper plating, the features of the pH-responsive copolymer (St-co-DMAEMA), which exhibits high hydrophilicity at low pH values and hydrophobicity at high pH values, are critical. The metallization of nylon 6 fabrics was effectively achieved using this easy process.

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

  • We are experienced with custom polymer surface coatings.
  • Our custom coated products are thin and green safe.
  • Our coating solutions can be customized to the specific requirements of your product.


  • You J. L, et al. (2021). "Utilizing A pH-Responsive Palladium Nanocomposite to Fabricate Adhesion-Enhanced and Highly Reliable Copper Coating on Nylon 6 Fabrics." Journal of Materials Research and Technology. 15: 3983-3994.

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