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Customized Nanocoating on Bismaleimide Triazine Substrate


Bismaleimide triazine (BT) resin is a high-performance resin based on bismaleimide (BMI) and cyanate (CE) with very good thermal stability, moisture resistance, low dielectric constant, and low dielectric loss properties. It is one of many thermoset resins used in printed circuit boards (PCBs) and is often used as a substrate for the chips used in PCB mobile phones.

In a wide range of applications, BT substrates with functional surfaces can provide numerous performance advantages. Alfa Chemistry provides BT substrates with unique functionalized surface coating services. With our wide and straightforward surface modification procedures, you can change the surface attributes of practically any BT material-related product. Working with us gives you the assurance that you'll be able to change the surface of your product with ease!

Extensive Surface Modification Technology Options

Alfa Chemistry provides a comprehensive range of polymer surface coating methods to its customers, which may be used to functionalize the surface of BT materials of all types in order to improve their varied surface qualities. The following are some of our surface modification technology possibilities, however, they are not exhaustive. Please contact us for more technical information.

  • Surface Waterproof Coating Technology - The surface of the BT material can be functionalized to make it water and oil resistant to nearly any liquid.
  • Hydrophilic coating technology - We apply specific coating processes to provide hydrophilic qualities to the surface of BT materials, making them extremely hydrophilic.
  • Particle Modification Coating Technology - By functionalizing BT particles, Alfa Chemistry can improve particle behavior, reduce aggregation, and boost cross-linking.
  • Lubricant Coating Technology - We can increase the surface lubricity of BT materials by functionalizing their surface.

All of these nanoscale coatings are chemically stable, optically transparent, and extremely long-lasting.

Customized Nanocoating on Bismaleimide Triazine Substrate

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Alfa Chemistry Coating Solution Cases

Case 1: Fire-Resistant Nanocoating

Alfa Chemistry has created an ultra-efficient fire-resistant nanocoating based on carboxymethyl chitosan (CCS) and modified montmorillonite, which was inspired by pearl layers (MMT). The nanocoatings have well-aligned pearl-layered layered microstructures, which display high transparency and a distinct pearl-layered iridescence. By dip coating or spraying the nanocoatings onto multiple huge polymer substrates, they provide super-efficient fire safety. All coated substrates were self-extinguishing in combustion tests. Their heat and smoke emissions were also greatly lowered at the same time. Furthermore, they contain no organic solvents, halogens, or phosphorus, making them environmentally friendly.

Preparation route of MMT CCS nanocoating on polymer substrate.Fig 1. Preparation route of MMT/CCS nanocoating on polymer substrate. (Xie H, et al. 2019)

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

  • Our custom coatings are thin, environmentally friendly, and safe.
  • We create the right coating solution for the specific requirements of your product.
  • We have extensive experience and have been working on polymer surface modification technology.


  • Xie H, et al. (2019). "A Green Approach to Fabricating Nacre-Inspired Nanocoating for Super-Efficiently Fire-Safe Polymers via One-Step Self-Assembly." Journal of Hazardous Materials. 365: 125-136.

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