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Customized Hydrophobic Coating


A hydrophobic surface has numerous performance benefits in a wide range of applications. Alfa Chemistry provides a number of surface coating methods that can hydrophobize a wide range of substrate types. Through easy-to-apply hydrophobic nano-coating, our hydrophobic coating technology may increase the performance of practically any product.

Hydrophobic coatings are highly water-repellent and can offer a variety of benefits. These hydrophobic nano-scale nano-coatings are also optically clear and long-lasting. We produce successful hydrophobic products together!

Why Do We Need a Hydrophobic Coating?

The technique of hydrophobic surface coatings can be utilized to tackle a variety of issues. Hydrophobic nanocoatings can assist improve the quality of your products, as seen in the following examples.

  • Surface-adhesive substance adheres to the surface.
  • The wettability of the surface or powder isn't good.
  • Electronic equipment can malfunction if it comes into contact with water.
  • Physical obstacles to the movement of liquids are impossible to overcome.
  • Optical performance can be impaired by water droplets or oil droplets/contaminants.
  • You've run into difficulty with the product's liquid behavior on the surface.
  • Cleaning your surface takes time and money, or it's simply impossible.

Customized Hydrophobic Coating

Alfa Chemistry Hydrophobic Coating

Alfa Chemistry can supply a variety of hydrophobic nanocoatings, including but not limited to:

Super Hydrophobic Clear Coating

This is a transparent superhydrophobic coating that can give a transparent surface waterproof, antifouling, or self-cleaning qualities without affecting the substrate's optical properties.

This easy-to-apply coating is a spray-and-use solution. While providing high moisture resistance, the super-hydrophobic effect it imparts will never modify the substrate's visible or infrared light transmission qualities.

The water contact angle is greater than 150°; the inclination angle is 10° to ensure that water droplets roll off the surface, and visible and infrared wavelengths are transmitted completely.

Super-Hydrophobic Anti-Corrosion Coating

Alfa Chemistry has created a superhydrophobic agent formulation that can be grafted onto a variety of materials in a long-term manner. The surface can be made anti-fouling, self-cleaning, water-repellent, and anti-icing using this innovative super-hydrophobic, resistant, and translucent coating.

The super-hydrophobic anti-corrosion coating has excellent super-hydrophobic qualities, such as surface contact angle with water > 150°, tilt angle necessary for water droplets to roll down 5°, chemical abrasion resistance, and outdoor weather resistance.

Super-Hydrophobic Anti-Corrosion Coating

Hydrophobic Coating without PFOA

Exemptions for the use of PFOA and PFOS-containing chemicals in all remaining exempt applications in the EU and many other regions will expire in 2022-2023! Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of PFOA and PFOS-free hydrophobic coating technologies to suit your demands. Our hydrophobic coating also has several performance benefits, including a contact angle of up to 120° with water, ease of liquid-based application, optical transparency, durability, and more!

Our Advantages

  • Alfa Chemistry has a wide range of coating technologies, allowing us to treat nearly any surface or substrate.
  • Our hydrophobic surface coating is chemically stable and comes in a variety of options to endure a variety of environmental and exposure situations.
  • Our hydrophobic nanocoatings are long-lasting and scalable, making them ideal for high-volume commercial use.
  • The hydrophobic coating process we use will result in a long-lasting hydrophobic surface. Its water contact angle is between 115 and 120 degrees. These nanocoatings are as thin as 2-4 nm, so your parts will look the same and be optically transparent.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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