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Surface and structural material analysis can advance the understanding of the material's microstructure characteristics. The microstructure or surface characteristics of a material are usually affected by its chemical composition and production or processing routes. These characteristics will affect the chemical, physical and mechanical properties, thereby affecting its function and performance in the intended application or formulation.

Microscopic analysis is essential for understanding the microstructure or nanostructure of materials, chemicals, or products. Data from microscope analysis is very important for advancing your research and product development plan, performing failure analysis when your product or material fails, or solving pollution problems in other parts of the manufacturing or supply chain.

Alfa Chemistry is a surface chemistry expert. With our well-trained and experienced professionals and our modern technology, we are happy to provide you with support for characterizing the surface structure of the coating and finding the cause of damage. Our effective digital microscope analysis includes sophisticated preparation equipment, advanced microscope instruments, professional cameras and image analysis software. The captured results and images are evaluated by qualified and experienced microscopists to gain valuable insights needed to solve problems or expand the understanding of materials.

Learn About Surface Structure Analysis Services

When dealing with surface changes, the determination of chemical composition and surface structure is usually an important aspect. In some cases, surface structure and morphology play a more prominent role in solving the problem at hand. In addition, tracking changes in surface structure and special features or individual areas on the product surface can help understand and adjust surface characteristics. In addition, defect classification is essential to identify potential sources of surface structure changes. However, it is important not only to rely on the results of a single method, but also to combine different methods. Thus, for example, the relationship between chemical composition and surface structure or between wettability and morphology can be determined.

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) imagesFig 1. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of the plasma-deposited coatings before and after icing/deicing cycles. (Asadollahi S, et al. 2019)

In the following, you will find some examples where the microscope can help:

  • Analyze the chemical composition and surface structure of contaminants, shells or pores in the coating
  • Quality control and production monitoring of wafer coating
  • Measure the corrosion resistance and temperature resistance of any material
  • Study crystal growth and morphology and surface characteristics
  • Quality management and troubleshooting of cracks and erosion
  • Analyze the interaction of liquids with textiles, polymer films or plastic parts

Therefore, when necessary, we will also use optical microscopes and SEMs to answer any questions of our customers.

Microscopy Expertise

Alfa Chemistry's microscope team has many years of experience in helping customers meet microscope needs. Our microscopy experts use a wide range of cutting-edge microscopy techniques to view and measure microscopic surface features at the nanometer scale. We provide services for various industries and support all types of microscope applications, such as contaminants on various surfaces.

Our team uses a wide range of sample preparation techniques, such as dispersion, cross-sectional analysis, ultra-thin sectioning, and these techniques are selected according to the sample type. With our knowledge and the latest microscope equipment, even the smallest details and fine structures can be imaged, and structural and chemical information can be obtained to help you solve malfunctions or pollution problems.

From optical microscopes to high-resolution scanning electron microscopes (SEM), our experts can analyze the smallest details. We can obtain a large amount of chemical information by applying confocal Raman mapping and SEM and energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX) techniques to surfaces, residues, products and processes.

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images

By cooperating with Alfa Chemistry, we can provide comprehensive quality assurance for your coating research needs, help you advance product development and solve problems through our world-class microscope analysis. Please contact us quickly.


  • Asadollahi S, et al. (2019). "On the Icephobic Behavior of Organosilicon-Based Surface Structures Developed Through Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Deposition in Nitrogen Plasma." Coatings. 9: 679.

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