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Anti-Fingerprint Coating


Fingerprints on electronics give them an aged appearance and lower their value. Alfa Chemistry has a number of anti-fingerprint coating methods that can be used to anti-fingerprint multiple substrate types. On a number of substrates, including rough or textured metals, our anti-fingerprint coatings bind to a variety of surfaces and dramatically improve hiding power and ease of cleaning. These ultra-thin nanoscale coatings are both optically transparent and exceedingly robust, providing numerous performance benefits in a wide range of applications.

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Why Do You Need An Anti-Fingerprint Coating?

Surface coating technology that is anti-fingerprint can be used to solve a wide range of issues. The following examples demonstrate how AFP coating can assist improve product quality.

  • Fingerprints are unsightly and have a detrimental impact on consumer satisfaction.
  • Cleaning your surfaces takes time, money, or is impossible.
  • The quality of touchscreen displays can be harmed by fingerprints.
  • The performance of optics can be harmed by fingerprints.
  • Without chemical cleansers, fingerprint oil or other pollutants are tough to remove.

Anti-Fingerprint Coating

Suitable Anti-Fingerprint Coating Solution

Surfaces with anti-fingerprint coatings are beneficial in a variety of electrical applications. Alfa Chemistry has the knowledge and experience to address the majority of electronic coating repellency issues. We can investigate and assist you if you have an application that would benefit from a fingerprint-free coating.

Anti-Fingerprint CoatingFig 1. Moderately hydrophobic non-fluorinated trimethoxymethylsilane and its hybrids with lipophilic octadecyltrimethoxysilane have anti-fingerprint properties comparable to fluorinated compounds. (Siriviriyanun A, et al. 2014)

Alfa Chemistry can provide a variety of anti-fingerprint coatings for electronics, including but not limited to:

Surface Coatings Containing Fluorinated Polyethers

We offer a transparent fluoropolymer coating that resists water and oil without altering the appearance of substrates such as glass by generating a thin monolayer on the surface, which reduces fingerprints and makes the surface easier to clean.

In addition, the coating is heat resistant, wear-resistant, and has a low friction coefficient.

Coating Features:

  • <10nm film thickness
  • Low friction
  • Waterproof and oilproof
  • Anti-fouling, anti-fingerprint
  • High wear resistance
  • Non-flammable

Examples of coating applications:

  • Touch panel
  • Mobile phone case
  • Release agent
  • Antifouling of metals, plastics, etc.


  • Siriviriyanun A, et al. (2014). "Anti-Fingerprint Properties of Non-Fluorinated Organosiloxane Self-Assembled Monolayer-Coated Glass Surfaces." Chemical Engineering Journal. (246): 254-259.

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