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Analysis Service of Friction Performance, Film Thickness and Wettability


Alfa Chemistry is an expert in surface chemistry, who provides a wide range of testing techniques for the analysis of friction performance, film thickness and wettability. Please contact us and let us provide you with professional coating inspection assistance.

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Coefficient of Friction of Soft Matter

The coefficient of friction has a great influence on many processes and material combinations. Due to the needs of industries such as healthcare, biomedicine, food and personal care, the combination of soft materials and technology, and the study of interacting biological interfaces, the understanding of the friction of soft materials has become more and more important.

Alfa Chemistry is particularly interested in the interaction of soft substances, such as the interaction of tissues with other materials. Examples where the coefficient of friction plays an important role are the interactions that occur at the interface between the cornea and the contact lens, between the contact lens and the eyelid, and between the injection needle and the skin or other tissues. Alfa Chemistry focuses on the characterization of soft materials and provides unique microtribology services in the world.

Analysis Service of Friction Performance, Film Thickness and Wettability

Film Thickness and Optical Properties

Film thickness plays an important role in many processes and products. Due to Alfa Chemistry's long-term work in polymer film coatings, we have a deep understanding of how to measure the thickness of such films and how to manipulate it to take advantage of our advantages. Based on the research in the past few years, we are able to use all our expertise to support your product development and other projects.

In addition to film thickness, optical properties also affect how coatings and films are applied to various products. For example, if the sensor should work at a specific wavelength, it is critical that the applied coating is transparent at that exact wavelength.

Alfa Chemistry relies on the advantage of ellipsometer to obtain various properties of the material at the same time. Using this method, the film thickness and optical properties can be determined at the same time.

Contact Angle, Wetting Behavior and Surface Energy

The wetting behavior of the surface decisively affects its performance and the difficulty of the coating. Many applications such as microfluidic chips rely strongly on wettability and surface energy. Since coatings are our main business, the investigation and adjustment of wetting behavior and contact angle are important to successfully functionalize our customers' products.

In addition, understanding the surface tension of the coating is essential to optimally apply these functional solutions to any substrate. We continuously monitor the interaction between the substrate and the coating by analyzing the wetting behavior and surface tension. In order to cover a variety of application areas, we use a dynamic contact angle instrument for testing and analysis.

Contact Angle, Wetting Behavior and Surface Energy

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